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Prof. Krzysztof Dariusz Nawotka Prof. Krzysztof Nawotka

Innovative multidisciplinary PhD program in ancient history / classical studies centered on the Eastern Mediterranean between the 4th c. BC and late antiquity. Open to new applicants and current PhD students from other programs who wish to transfer. Study for four years with the best in Wroclaw and Liverpool and receive a fee waiver and a scholarship paid by the European Union.

Research themes

  • Achaemenid empire, Alexander the Great and aftermath
  • War and the Greeks
  • Eastern Mediterranean and the coming of Rome
  • Economy in the Hellenistic and Roman East

About studies


  • Multidisciplinary PhD program
  • Classes in Liverpool and Wroclaw
  • Scholarship from 3000 PLN to 4500 PLN (ca. €750 to €1125)

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Timetable of recruitment

Timetable of recruitment

  • Deadline for applications: 7 January 2014.
  • Shortlist of candidates invited for interview drawn by 10 January 2014.
  • Interview: 17 January 2014.

About recruitment

The ruins of the Basilica of St. Sergius rise out of the central Syrian desert in ancient Rasafa.
Inside fort witch Diocletian built here to defend against Persian attacks [FOTO].